Decluttering Your Home

By: Joe Kehoe | Claire Kehoe

Decluttering Your Home

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Know Before You #KonMari, Where to Donate Gently Used Items in Durham Region

Getting rid of clutter is a daunting task for many homeowners and renters. Not having a system and process in place to tackle the clutter can lead to feelings of overwhelm, embarrassment and shame. Marie Kondo, best selling author of The Japanese Art of Tidying Up, new series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm, changing the clutter conversation and asking whether or not it sparks joy. Dubbed by Netflix as ‘feel-good, heartfelt and inspiring,’ Marie Kondo takes a touchy subject and turns it upside down. With 182,000 posts and counting the #KonMari movement is clogging newsfeeds worldwide as people frantically rid their homes of clutter in favour of more joy.  

But what happens to all of the items that don’t spark joy? The ones you thank and place in the discard pile? Before you, #KonMari your home into a massive, heaping pile of unwanted items in the middle of your living room, let’s take a look at local charities and organizations that will accept your donations of gently used items so you can take charge of clutter and help others in need, win-win!


Diabetes Canada: Clothing donation, made easy.

Diabetes Canada offers free home pick-up of your gently used clothing, textiles, and other small items like luggage, hand tools and bikes. It’s essential that you properly prepare your items for pick-up and make sure that the donation bags are clearly labelled. Click here for more details.

If you have just a few items to donate you can do so at a Diabetes Canada donation bin. A map to the donation bins in your area can be found by entering your address here.

Click here to schedule a free home pick-up.

Your donations help to provide research, education and support to those living with diabetes.


Habitat for Humanity Durham Region: The one stop shop for your homewares and building materials donation.

Habitat for Humanity Durham Region accepts gently used furniture, cabinetry, appliances and plumbing. A full list of accepted items is available here.

Choose from 3 ReStore drop off locations available in Durham Region or schedule a free donation pick-up at your home.

Now that you know what and where you can donate your gently used items, you’re truly ready to declutter and spark joy (without being left with a discard pile you don’t know what to do with).

Happy Decluttering!


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